Swordfish Whole (H&G)


Freshly long line caught Swordfish, gilled/gutted, is been carefully graded in order to select Premium Grade Swordfish whole (H&G). Headless, gilled and gutted swordfish is initially being packed in HDPE master bag containing cooling mediums (Gel Ice, Dry Ice) which is then wrapped by a secondary mac foil and packed in a Styrofoam insulated master carton.

  • Species

    Swordfish (Xiphias Gladius)

  • Texture

    Firm texture, not grainy/sandy,
    mushy or pasty

  • Physical Condition

    Each end product is kept at chilled
    temperature (2-4 degrees Celsius) to be
    air freighted to destination for consumption

  • Odor

    Characteristics of the species
    No off odors indicative of decomposition, oxidation or contamination

  • Dimensions

    Whole fish weights above 25 Kg