SRI LANKA's Small Scale Artisanal Fishery uses deep-set long lines as the only method employed in harvesting of exportable tuna. Hooks spacing is approximately 50m to 70m with 22m branch lines causing NO danger to seabirds and the depths these lines are set to, avoid shark , turtle and juvenile by - catch.

JP Marine and JP Fresh Products has been recognized as the largest exporter of Seafoods in Sri Lanka having a worldwide customer base, which includes some of the most renowned names in the retail and the catering industry in the world.

We are committed in supplying high quality, sustainable products by intelligently investing in resources to maintain the confidence of our customers, that the products are from a sustainable environmental friendly sources and maintaining a total traceability controls on each and every product. The importance of maintaining food safety will be the key area for every product developments while expanding the source of production and market throughout the world. We are firmly established in Sri Lanka and maintain the highest standards of services and efficiency to both the customer and supplier base.